On-Demand Beauty App Development

We design and develop iOS and Android apps for beauty salons

Enter the lucrative beauty services industry by launching a dependable On-Demand Beauty App Development. Take your spa and salon business online, or create an app similar to Uber for beauty to connect service seekers with expert beauticians. Contact us right away!

On-Demand Beauty App Development Company

In the beginning, people found it increasingly difficult to obtain beauty services at their leisure. In the crowded spa and salon establishments, they had to wait for long periods of time. However, since the introduction of beauty apps such as Uber, the situation has been turned upside down. Customers can easily make appointments with the experts of their choice and avail of these services from the comfort of their own homes now that these apps are available. A few taps and swipes can work miracles!

Why should you use our On Demand Beauty Service app?

Complete branding and customization

Easily accommodate multiple user activities

Provide code for full customization.

Android and iOS versions are available.

Dedicated admin panel for managing all application features

During the support period, you will receive free bug support.

Created by a skilled team of web and mobile developers

Proper product deliverable management

What distinguishes us from other On Demand Beauty Service app App development companies?

  • Customizations that are extensive

  • On-time deployment

  • Safe installation

  • Operations on multiple platforms

  • Solutions that are inexpensive

  • A powerful administrative dashboard

  • Performance scaling


Profile Administration

Customers can easily create and manage their profiles. If necessary, they can provide their personal and contact information.

Search Advanced

Customers can search for beauticians by using the advanced search engine to find those who meet their requirements.

Cost Estimation

Customers are automatically presented with the bill amount by the on-demand salon app, which takes into account many factors such as the beautician fee. distance to be traveled, etc.

Make Appointments

Customers can make appointments with their preferred beauticians at any time and on any day.

Instant Notifications

The service's current status. Customers receive push notifications with the profiles of beauticians and other relevant information.

Options for Payment

Customers can pay using any of the payment methods listed at their discretion.


Appointments should be canceled.

Customers may cancel their appointments if they are unable to complete their tasks by the scheduled date and time.

Reservations made in advance

Customers who want to book or schedule a service for a later date will appreciate this feature. Customers can book ahead of time regardless of the situation that arises.

Reviews and ratings

Customers can rate and comment on the service provided as well as the app experience. It aids in maintaining service quality.

Earn money by referring others.

Customers can invite their friends to use the on-demand beauty service app, increasing the customer base. They can earn reward points based on how many friends they invite.

Verified Providers

Users can search for verified providers and can book appointments as per their needs

Profile Setup

The salon owner can add and manage their own portfolio and showcase their beauty services like hairstyles, makeup, facials etc., to attract customers.

User Application Flow

Step 1

Users have the attractive splash screens for old age customers.

Step 2

Users have the attractive splash screens for womens.

Step 3

Users have the attractive splash screens for mens.

Step 4

Users have the attractive splash screens for childrens.

Select Language

Users can select language as per their choice.


Users can login into an app with username and passwords.


Users can register into the app with email and phone number.

Choose Gender

Users can select gender from the options.

Salon Catogory

Users can select saloon category from various mentioned in the app.

Salon Lists

Users can view nearby saloon list as per their location

Salon Details

Users can view saloon details regarding timings, location etc.

Map Search

Users can search nearby salons in the map.

Salon Services

Users can view details about salon services they are providing.

Home Services

Users can view a list of services the salon is providing at home.

View Cart

Users can view carts and services they have added in their cart.

Book Appointment

Users can book appointments as per their needs with selected specialists.

Select Date

Users can select dates to schedule their appointments.

Top Rated Salon

Users can see reviews and ratings and top rated salons nearby.

Special Offers

Users can view the list of special offers by the salons.

Menus List

Users can view menu lists and services salons are providing.

Profile View

Users can view profiles of the beauticians before booking appointments.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profiles sections to keep it updated.


Users can add their favourite salons in list of favourites.


Users have a separate section for push notifications and offers.


Users can view a list of their scheduled bookings with time and location.

Contact Us

Users can see a contact us page to contact the salon.

Customer Services

Users have a customer support service section for help.

Choose Your Favorite Color Theme

Users can select their favourite color theme for the app.


Users can rate and salon and their services according to their experience.

Terms & conditions

Users have a section for terms and conditions.


Users can view a section for about where complete information is mentioned.


Users can share their favourite salon services with their friends too.

Invite Salon

Users can also invite salons to accept requests.

Provider Application Flow

Step 1

Providers have attractive splash screens for old age customers.

Step 2

Providers have attractive splash screens for womens.

Step 3

Providers have attractive splash screens for mens.

Step 4

Providers have attractive splash screens for childrens.

Select Language

Providers can select language as per their choice.


Providers can login into an app with username and passwords.


Providers can register into the app with email and phone number.

Map Search

Providers can search people seeking for services nearby.

Salon Services

Providers can update the list of salon services.

Edit Profile

Providers can edit their profiles with latest qualifications.

Business Profile

Providers can make a business profile to serve customers.

Menus List

Providers can see the menu list with profile, bookings, offers etc


Providers can see the notifications of their customers requests.


Providers can view the list of their bookings with scheduled date and time.

Home Services

Providers can view the list of home services scheduled with details.

Add More Services

Providers can add more services with details in the app.

Services added Successfully

Providers can view the services added and will get a popup message.


Providers can list down various packages for customers to increase sales.

Contact us

Providers can provide a contact us page for their users for any query.

Customer Services

Providers need to provide customer services in case of any help needed.


Providers can mention holidays in advance to ease for customers to schedule.

Terms & Conditions

Providers can mention their terms and conditions in the app page.


Providers have a about section to mention complete information.


Providers can share their profiles and offers on different social media.


Providers can see ratings given to them by various customers.

Pending Jobs

Providers can see the pending jobs in the list scheduled by customers.

Profile View

Providers can view and edit their profile section.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

A fully functional beauty salon for Android and iOS should be developed by a trusted company that can offer all the required functions and for best app development choose Omninos Solutions.
No web installation is not covered in the package. For that you can avail our installation package.
We will provide you with the best solution and will also provide comprehensive customization, secure installation, cost efficient solutions, cloud tech integration, powerful admin dashboard and many more.
The Whole installation process will take around 48 hours when you have purchased Ocean Server and for both iOS and Android will also take around 48 hours.
Omninos Solutions Offers complementary services for script installation and app publishing.
We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.
Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you, if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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