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Acko General Insurance is an online insurer that does all of its business online. It develops and distributes products and services in sectors including tailored insurance policies based on consumer usage patterns. For truckers and others in the transportation and associated industries, Acko Clone offers bite-sized insurance options. Its product line has also grown, and it now offers similar health-care policies.

Your Own Custom ACKO Insurance clone app

ACKO is not just India's leading digital insurance provider, but also the country's fastest-growing insurer.
To suit the changing needs of clients, we've been embracing technology to create inexpensive, convenient, and hassle-free insurance products.

Why Choose ourInsurance apps?

Available for Android and iOS

Expertized Developers

Easily Accomodate a number of user activity

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

After sales support

What makes us distinct from other Insurance app development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration


Premiums at a low cost

We specialise in selling insurance to individuals. This allows us to save money on commissions and pass those savings on to our customers in the form of discounts.

Service for insurance claims You'll enjoy it.

Is there any minor damage to the vehicle? Get your claim settled right away. Is there any serious harm? Give us a call, and we'll come pick up your car, repair it, and return it to you within three days. You'll also receive step-by-step updates on your Bike, Car, and Health Insurance claims, so you won't be left wondering what's going on.

Easy-to-understand insurance

This programme will assist you in purchasing motorcycle insurance, renewing your auto insurance, and purchasing health insurance coverage.

Free insurance quotes are available.

Free car, bike, and health insurance quotations are available through the app. To compare plans, you may, for example, calculate your auto insurance premium in 60 seconds.

Quickly purchase auto insurance.

Fill in the blanks. Get access to only the best quotes. Make the required payment. Instantly receive your auto insurance policy! You can also view and amend your vehicle insurance policy document, as well as check the status of your coverage.

It's simple to purchase health insurance online.

Compare health insurance rates, pick your favourite plan, and purchase coverage for you and your family. You can purchase Arogya Sanjeevani and ACKO Standard Health Insurance Policy through the app.

Employees' health insurance

Take advantage of all of your Employee Group Health Insurance's insurance and health features – get a free doctor consultation, track your fitness and earn awards, book lab tests, and get prescriptions right from the app!

Partner policies can be accessed, edited, and claimed.

If you bought insurance through one of our partners, you can use the app to access, update, and file a claim. This is also true in the case of mobile/electronics/appliances insurance policies.

You will receive assistance and support.

If you have any questions about certain policies, you may get them answered by going to the app's 'Help' section.

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

User part includes attractive and user friendly splash screens.

Home Screen

It includes an interactive home screen to male user interface more attractive.


New Taxi App users can Register themselves with email and phone number registration methods.


This feature allows passengers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.


Users can Challange to other

transition History

User can add Coin and also purchase coin by wallet.


User can select mode and enjoy the game.

Watch List

Users can Change Theme.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

We will provide you with the best solution and will also provide comprehensive customization, secure installation, cost efficient solutions, cloud tech integration, powerful admin dashboard and many more.
yes, in the app we have multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, UPI and Bar code Reader. You will get all the payment options in the app.
Yes our taxi app will support multiple currency options. You can get paid in any currency.
Yes, we do provide after sales services for your best support.
We employ a two-step verification when it comes to registering drivers. The first step collects preliminary information such as name and contact details, while the second step requires drivers to submit supporting documents digitally.

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