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Made life hassle-free by ordering food online. Launch your food delivering app within a few minutes. Our UberEats Clone Script is developed by expert quality developers.

About Ubereats Clone

A striking and interactive uber eats-like app is the need of the hour to provide undisturbed service to your customers. We are here to help you enjoy clients in the online market with inventive and intelligent uber eats clone apps. Get into the world of the digital era and provide your customers the ease of food ordering through a highly facilitated on-demand food delivery app. We help you initiate your business with an uber eats clone to fulfill customer needs within a click. Take up flexible interactive and awesome uber eats clone scripts all for yourself to scale up in the competitive market. Our APP Clone will empower you to allow the customers to order their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants whenever they want by just clicking on their Mobile Phones. Our UberEats Clone APP will allow you to reach the success that you dreamed of!

Services We Offer in Ubereats Clone


This Feature allows users to sign up via different social medias like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail within seconds of time.


This feature is very helpful on the admin end and at the user end too, the order placed and delivered will be notified to both the sides on this APP.


The user has not only the option to place their orders but also have the option to cancel any service or schedule the delivery time and track their order as per their convenience, if the restaurant vendor accepts.


Our UberEats script comes with this advanced filter option by which users can search hotels based on categories like location, cuisine, price, delivery time, etc.


The users can add favourite cuisines and restaurants to their favourites so that they can quickly order their favourite food next time.


Our Open Source Script allows admin to have total control over the application and restaurant owners can manage their product's similar operations in no time.

24 / 7 Global Support

Our product not only focuses on providing services but also focuses on providing world-class quality services, the dispatcher has the access to monitor all the activities and can resolve the issue occurred on instant response.

Lifetime License

We provide a lifetime licence and also render a revived licence plan with single payment to the restaurant vendors brand.

Free Installation Of App

The Installation process of our Clone Script like Uber Eats cost absolutely nothing, anyone from anywhere can download the APP according to availability of services at free of cost.

Legally Protected

Our Product is legally protected with security platforms that will not allow any leakage of customer’s data. The security of customer's data is our prime focus.

Support After App Rejection

Our Product supports Online Food Ordering Website with Seamless connectivity through SMS mobile application, So that we can help in any problem or technical issue.


Get instant help in case of any dispute or trouble

An Advanced App To Simplify Food Delivery Ubereats Clone

for businesses
of all kinds

Launch an interactive Ubereats Clone App Business

UberEats Clone Script is the perfect launchpad to kick start your business if you are thinking of starting an online food delivery business with Omninos Solutions.

Food Ordering and Delivery Management Agent Management Business

Start Your Food Delivery and Management Business with our Uber Eats like app.

Our UberEats Open Source is very helpful to run Food Ordering and Delivery Management Business at this time of Pandemic, where everybody is seeking services Online.

Entrepreneur &

Claim your very own Food Delivery app and Provide Customers With their ordered food at doorstep.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a developer to develop your on-demand food delivery app then we are the perfect organization for this. We also provide services to Government projects where they can feed the person in need via online application.

UberEats Clone -Enticing Features

Register / Login

This feature enables the users to quickly sign up and login to their respective accounts via various social media platforms Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, etc.

OTP Verification

To increase privacy and reduce the leakage of users data we have integrated our product with OTP Verification during sign up/ Login and Payment Transactions.

List Of Products

The user can access the list of Products available in a restaurant along with category wise Distribution. The user can book their order according to their choice of preference with ease of access.

Live Order Tracking

The user and the vendors/admin can track the order with Geo Location Details in our UberEats Clone APP.

Search By Category

The vendors can assign the various categories to their products and restaurants and users can search the particular category they are looking for.

Delivery Person’s Availability Toggle

This feature is very helpful for delivery people when they want to show their availability to work and deliver the orders.

Accept/ Reject Request

A Vendor can either accept or reject the request according to the availability of delivery people, they can even transfer the service to another service provider for the order to be delivered.

Verified Providers

The app suggests for the Trusted Providers which will increase the ratings of the restaurants/vendors portfolio.

In-app push notification

The admin and the customers get notified when they place an order, even when the order is delivered they will get a notification via or APP Clone.

Deliveries Management

Our Open Source Clone APP allows the customer to order and pay online, and the choose the takeaway option even.

Restaurant Vendor’s Availability Toggle

The restaurants can show whether they are available or not and serve the customers with their food order.

Separate Dashboard For Restaurant Vendor

There is a separate dashboard for restaurants with UI designed in a way so that they can organise the orders and distinguish in between.

Restaurant Vendor Profile

The Vendor’s are provided with the functionality so they can maintain and customize their profile with full authority.

Order Management

Restaurant vendors have to manage orders done by their customers, can accept or reject orders.

Booking For Scheduled Time

The restaurants can choose the time period to start and stop the food serving.

Dispatcher panel to assign driver

Manually assign the order to a particular driver in our UberEats online food delivery clone.

Delivery Radius

The Customers can find the nearest restaurant available and can easily track their order. The vendors can also access their customers' location through Geo-Location.

God's Eye View

The user and Vendor can view the exact location on the map.

Heat Map

Track the entire drier fleet and optimize the route in a way to deliver the order quickly

Algorithm of delivery person

Assign the order to delivery perso of your choice.

Extra Features for Ubereats Clone App

Manage Address

The Admins have full access to edit delete any user or restaurant and can provide them with the seasonal offers.

Push Notifications

Firebase Cloud Messaging is technology used in our product, so that users get the notifications of driver details and order status.


The user can search the specific items they are looking for with this features.

Book And Cancel Appointments

The driver can accept and reject the request to deliver the order according to their availability.

Payment Integration

Various Payment Options are available providing liquidity to the user to pay with their orders, they are even provided with the order invoice details.


The Admin and Customer both can track the exact Location of the ordered food to be delivered.

Bill Estimation

This feature is developed to provide best deals and offers to the user.

Favourite Bookmarks

The user can mark any restaurant as their favourite they like and can access the list to order food in seconds next time.

Custom notes

The Admin is provided with the feature of custom notes to write down in accordance with previous orders and payments.

Earning Details for Delivery Person

The delivery person can track the amount of money earned in the process of delivery orders.

History management

Admin can track the previous Payments and orders, and can maintain records for the same in the form of graphs based on weekly, monthly and daily order summary.

Advanced Reports

You can maintain the records for your orders and payments in a very smooth manner with this feature.

Delivery charge/Tax/GST

Admin can maintain all the taxes and delivery charges in the invoice details shared to the customer

Advanced Analytics

This feature provides the admin with the details to track the behaviour of their audience and how they interact with your online UberEats Like Platform.

Reorder food

Our product maintains the record of orders canceled and placed, the user can reorder the previous food in the order history option.


Wallet Integration for users, restaurants and for admin to get the details of their payments.

List of products

Users are provided with a list of products to order from.

Google navigation

This Feature provides ease of access to navigate through the delivered address for the driver.

Notice board

The Customers , restaurants and drivers can track new offers and alerts in this feature.

Schedule Appointment

The Customer is provided with the Liberty to select the delivery timings for their order.

Restaurant banners

To increase sales and insights the restaurants can show their banners with categories available.

Refer and Earn

The customers can refer to the app and earn amazing offers for the next time this will increase the customer reach.

Email Notification

The Customers and Restaurants get the email notification for various processes like Login, Order Placed , Canceled, etc.

Customer Support

The Customers can give a rating to the order and can even write a review in case of bad and good quality, so that valuable steps can be taken.

SMS Authentication

The SMS authentication is provided to the admin, Customer and also for Restaurants , so that any inauthentic attempt of login can be reported.

Commission Tracking Report

The Admin can check the Commission Since the beginning and can review the performance of a particular restaurant.

Set Restaurant Vendor's Range

The Customer can select the range of Restaurants according to the price and Location.

Instant Chat

This Feature is available to report any kind of bad food delivery.

Instant or Scheduled order

The Customers can also order the food with instant delivery and can also schedule the delivery according to their convenience.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Users are provided with the flexible payment options where user can pay via cash r online payment methods, managed by the admin panel.

Review And Ratings

The Customer can give ratings and provide the review about particular item and driver’s services for future validation of performance.

Dispute Management

In case the customer, restaurant face any dispute , It can be resolved Instantly with the help of Various features available in Our UberEats Clone APP.

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