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Your Own Custom byju clone app

Byju's clone website is essentially a learning software with video lectures from the greatest Indian experts. For each subject, this model gives a new video class for modules. Video tutors have been widely created in recent years for more convenience, and they now provide a variety of grade systems. Its main advantages are that it is simple to use at your leisure, that it is inexpensive, that it is simple to use, that it increases learning ability, that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that it is available everywhere.

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Available for Android and iOS

Expertized Developers

Easily Accomodate a number of user activity

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

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What makes us distinct from other training app development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration


In-app chat

An in-app chat system is included with Byju's clone script, our online elearning software system. Allowing students and tutors to converse.


Students can receive an online certification that recognises their talents after finishing all of the courses or classes.

Record video class

Students have access to outstanding capabilities that allow them to record the tutor's online video class.


Tutors can create a quiz for students depending on the classes that they have attended. This encourages students to do their best in class.

Favorite of Mark

Students can mark their favourite courses, classes, and video sessions for future reference using Byju's clone script in our elearning programme.

Forum session

One of the best Q&A platforms is the forum session. Students can ask questions using an online medium, and tutors can respond through the Byjus clone platform.


When students subscribe to or purchase any courses or study materials, an invoice is automatically created and emailed to their email address.

Save & download

Students can download study material from Byju's clone script and save it to the save folder for future reference.

User Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

User part includes attractive and user friendly splash screens.

Home Screen

It includes an interactive home screen to male user interface more attractive.


New Taxi App users can Register themselves with email and phone number registration methods.


This feature allows passengers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.


Users can Challange to other

transition History

User can add Coin and also purchase coin by wallet.


User can select mode and enjoy the game.

Watch List

Users can Change Theme.

Schedule a Ride

If you don’t want to book now, then schedule your ride for a later hour. Our Uber-clone apps allow you to schedule your rides too!

Finding Ride Process

Users can check the ride process through google maps in the app.


This is used to send invitations for promotions and coupons for free rides to passengers via text or email messages.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

We will provide you with the best solution and will also provide comprehensive customization, secure installation, cost efficient solutions, cloud tech integration, powerful admin dashboard and many more.
yes, in the app we have multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, UPI and Bar code Reader. You will get all the payment options in the app.
Yes our taxi app will support multiple currency options. You can get paid in any currency.
Yes, we do provide after sales services for your best support.
We employ a two-step verification when it comes to registering drivers. The first step collects preliminary information such as name and contact details, while the second step requires drivers to submit supporting documents digitally.

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