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Mobilize the power of modern technologies, we build innovative multi-vendor e-commerce applications for established businesses and new startups.

Multi-Vendor E-commerce - Script Development

We develop amazing eCommerce websites and applications that could ultimately inspire your customers to visit your site repeatedly and can have some great shopping experience. During development, we make sure to develop the applications with:
⦁ User-interactive Features
⦁ Intuitive and User-driven Design
⦁ All ecommerce features with multi vendor categories, multiple payment gateways, custom tools and calculators, shipping method, offers and coupons and much more.
⦁ Safe and Secure Payment Gateways, and Robust Back-end Programs

Why Choose our Multi-Vendor E-commerce

Complete customizable and branding

Available for Android and iOS

Easily accommodate a number of users activity

Dedicated Admin panel to manage all the features of the application

Provide code to adopt complete customization

Free bug support in the support period

Build by a well-experienced team of Web and Mobile developers

Proper Deliverable management of product

What makes us distinct from other Multi-Vendor Ecommerce App development company?

  • Comprehensive customizations

  • Timely deployment

  • Secure installation

  • Multi-platform operations

  • Appropriate support & maintenance

  • Cost-efficient solutions

  • Powerful admin dashboard

  • Performance scalability

  • Cloud tech integration


Many Vendors, One Store

We provide multi vendor ecommerce app with many vendors and one store, it's easy to use and access.

Vendor Profile

Each vendor has a separate dashboard, thus helping them in easy understanding of the products and inventory status. Using the dashboard, the vendors are able to calculate their daily sales, generate sales reports, check their best selling products.

Vendor Plan and subscription

Set up vendor specific shipping charges and discounts, in order to promote the bestsellers and popular vendors. Choose from multiple shipping partners, such as the shipping process could be optimized.

Product Approval by Admin

Get a complete overview of the products of the various vendors and track the stock that is available for each of the products. Set rules for in-stock or out of stock display of the products.

Manage Vendors/Customers

Efficient management of the products is available, where the vendors are able to add, edit and delete products. Moreover, the app allows easy view of the information details of each product, for the particular vendor.

Seller Shipping Management

Multi-vendor comes with various email templates that are helpful to keep the admin and sellers notified for events such as out of stock product, shipment success, and more.

Flexible Commissions

Set up the commission of the various vendors, depending on the products they sell. Admin is able to add fixed or percentage of the commission to be paid. Add tax rules, along with ease of calculation.

Mobile Commerce

It is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. M- commerce enables users to operate online shopping platforms without needing to use a desktop computer.

Vendor Management

The admin has full control over the products of the various vendors and is able to check the details of all the products of various vendors and also manage their performance.

Vendor Part Application Flow

Splash Screen

App contains attractive and interactive splash screen.


Vendors can login in the app by using Email or social accounts.

Choose login Or Register

Vendor can choose to login or can register in the app using Email and information.


Vendors can register by filling their personal details.

Store Info

Vendors need to fill store information with name, website products etc.

Add Bank Account

Vendors can add a bank account to directly pay and receive payments.


Vendors home screen shows products list, offers, orders etc

Add Product

Vendors can add their products they want to sell online in the product list.

Special Offers

Vendors can add special offers to sell products and attract buyers.

Product List

Vendors can add or delete products in the product list according to availability.

Profile View

Vendors can manage their profiles and can edit information.

Edit Profile

App Vendors can edit profile and can add or delete information.

User Part Application Flow


Users can login in the app by using email or social accounts


Users can register in the app by filling personal information


Users home screen contains filters, offers, products, cart, much more

Menu Options

Users can choose from various menu options to proceed.


Users can view the products list of various vendors.

Apply Filters

Users can apply filters to sort specific products out of the list

Product Detail

Users can view the product details with specification

Hot Offers

Users can view the product hot offers with discounts on the products


Users can add items to their cart which they want to buy

Check Out

Users can checkout the cart to proceed with payment Options

Check Out Confirmation

Users can view the check out information before proceeding with payment.

Thank You Screen

Users can see the thankyou list after done with payment.


Users can search the products on the home page.

View Profile

Users can view profile and can edit their profile.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profile to keep updated.

Order List

Users can view the order list and past orders too.

Wish List

Users can add their favourite product in their wish list.

Saved Address

Users can save multiple addresses for future delivery.

Frequently Ask Question - FAQ

The Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased(on live), the source will be given to Clients. It can be customized as per their needs.
The Script will be hosted in our Server. On Final handover, if the Client has purchased his own server. It will be hosted in his/her server. We will help in Installation of the Script with your Cpanel or FTP.
Our Scripts supports all types of Payment Gateway, including International. So once Payment Gateway is provided from your side, We will integrate it for you.
Yes. We Integrate API’s. Once the Client’s provide their preferred API. We will Integrate it for them. Minimum an API will be Integrated within a week.
On Final handover, Documentation of all the Panels will be provided for better understanding. So even a Non-Tech person would find it easy to work with it.

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