Build and run your Shine that lets you control your business from your fingertips which comes in both Android and iOS with a complete white label solution for your Shine business. Our Shine apps development solution is 100% customizable with more features, enhancements, and integrations as per your business requirements within 48 hours.

Job Portal App Development

Shine is a professional networking website. It provides a huge platform for millions of professionals to exchange views, information, opportunity & ideas related to the business world. Professionals from around the globe use Shine to stay informed about the industry & contacts, find the people, add in your professional network, and create their online professional identity.

Our job Package Include

Android And IOS Apps

We provide awesome customizable mobile apps for both android and ios platforms.

Admin Dashboards

User-friendly Administrator dashboard with Features and Characteristics for better Site Management.

Vendor Dashboard

An effective multi vendor job script that allows an admin to have multiple vendors, serving a variety of products to customers under a single platform.

White Labeling

Whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your customers and vendors with all built in native iOS and Android source code for brilliant execution.

100% Source Code Ownership

The entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS, and Android apps are given with an encrypted code and complete documentation. Designed to suit your business needs.


Each service delivery lists its payment gateway that may include the credit card or debit card option, or through some popular mobile wallet like PayPal, Paytm etc.

We Create Feature-Rich Job Portal App

100% safe and highly secured transaction. Ensuring to keep your money protected.

Login/sign up
A user can log in or sign up through their social site like Facebook, or simply login via their basic information.

Balance enquiry
The app keeps a record of all the transactions made through the ejob app. You can know how much money you have received or paid, from whom and to who, and on which date.

Beneficiary list
A user can add as many Beneficiary list to their account and can receive or transfer funds to them within seconds.

Transaction history
A user has an option to view the transaction history with all details such as transaction ID, date and more.

Mobile top up
The users can easily pay bills such as utility bills or recharge their mobile phone directly from the app in quite a convenient way.

Based on the type of ejob app you have developed, the user can send or receive the money through the app and can send remittance to their friends and family.

International mobile top up
The users can easily transfer a certain dedicated amount of money by simply entering the receiver’s mobile details and can do international top up.

Money transfer
The app allows users to transfer or even send money directly to any bank easily. By simply entering the account number details of the particular receiver, the money can easily be transferred directly to the bank with just a few taps on the phone.

A user can reorder the purchase made using the job and can pay from the job itself by simply entering the account number details.

Pay bills
ejob apps also allow you to make payment for utilities and pay all your bills for different services such as phone bills, electricity, water tax, prepaid phone recharge, etc

Back-up feature
Mobile job app has an auto backup feature which restores the past data

Authorize bank account
After registration, the user will have to link their bank account with their e-job account. This will be the account used for making payments and other transactions. You need to add the bank account number, IFSC code, and such others.

Invite friends
An ejob app needs to provide support to the customers throughout the day. This helps whenever the customer faces a problem regarding making a payment or carrying out a transaction by using the ejob app.

Offer reminder
As there are too many ejob apps in the market and there is tremendous competition, ejob apps increasingly depend upon promotional offers and discounts to engage more customers and boost transactions.

Push notifications
A user gets notification alerts of offers, promotion, transaction details, rewards, coupons, etc.

Manage users
An admin can manage all the user information. they have the option to block the user information.

User data control
An admin can control user data, this feature allows syncing the app data synchronized with the account details of the user.

Interactive dashboard
With the super web panel, admin can track and monitor all the register user information, view earning report and more.

Default admin panel
ejob app-admin also manages the user profile and all transactions carried through the ejob on a day to day basis.

New offer zone
An admin can add promo code for the user for the special occasion. So, the user gets a reward from the transaction.

Content management
An admin can do content management can edit or remove content according to need.

Manage contacts
The admin can easily manage all of the users as well as contacts that are associated with the app and track and monitor them.

Usage analytics
This feature in ejob apps provides great help in terms of security. The feature allows syncing the app data synchronized with the account details of the user. Thus makes authentication and validation extremely easier.

Secured database
An admin can maintain a secured database for their clients with all secured transactions history and details.

Add/block feature
According to the behavior of the user, the admin can block or dismiss the account of the user from the app. Similarly, they can also add new users to the app.

Cash report
An admin can check the cash reports of their users and can maintain a database for cash reports.

Reports and analytics
The ejob app-admin tries to stay updated with real-time analytics to make way for more engagement and business conversion. App analytics helps the app admin to remain informed about the feedback that it needs to work upon.

Our Steps to Create Best Designs

Step 1
Write down your goals
Just like starting a business, if you do not have clear goals in sight, it’s going to be quite challenging to succeed. Write everything in your plan, beginning with your idea of how you plan to design your app. Remember, set realistic goals. It’s not advisable to bite off more than you can chew. Once you have an idea, understand its stance in the current market by looking at the competition. More importantly, research the target audience and define the customer persona.
Step 2
Select a platform
Before you start designing an app, you need to select the platform you intend to develop the app for, whether it’s Android or iOS, or maybe both. But that depends on your idea as well as the reason for creating an app. Since each OS has its design language, you need to follow the design guidelines for that platform. App designers need to consider the different navigation patterns and button positions that Androids and iOS have. It often dictates font selection, placement of UI objects, and much more.
Step 3
Illustrate your ideas
It’s time to present your thoughts visually. Begin by creating sketches about the information architecture and navigation of the app. This helps to envision the structure and logic. Moreover, these simplified designs focus on flow and usability. Wireframes are often described as the blueprint of an app that schematically portrays essential features, functions, and content. At the moment, visual design is not the main specification. At this stage, utilizing wireframe tools, such as Sketch or Adobe XD, can be particularly useful.
Step 4
Add the visual aspects
The design of an app needs to have an instant impact on the mind of the user. Visual appeal and website navigation are at the top of the list when it comes to features that influence a user’s first impressions. And since a good first impression can take your app to greater heights, invest in a design that will pull your users in. Remember that while looks are paramount, you need a great UI to boost the overall perceived quality of your app. However, they all must align with the app’s identity. Above all, keep the app design aesthetically pleasing.
Step 5
Create a prototype
The design team will now need to produce a minimal viable product. As a scaled-down version of the product, it will allow designers to test all the features of the app inexpensively. The aim is to finalize the structure and foundation of the app before it is uploaded onto an app store. Develop a click-through prototype for users and collect feedback. Test the prototype to identify if any changes need to be made. Initially, prototypes are tested within the team and other departments. Then, a sample group of users is also brought in.

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Benefits of Our App

Customize All You Need

We can customize apps according to clients' needs and requirements, with best user interface.

Contemporary UI/UX

The custom app should have an attractive user interface and provide a great user experience to the customers

One-Time Cost

Client needs to incur one time cost in form of investment later on an app going to pay back in form of profits.

Own Your Code

We will provide you with a complete application with source code so that you can update and maintain.

Trending Technology

The user is going to have the latest trending technology in the application to survive and boom in the market.

World-Class Quality

Our customers are going to have world class quality solutions with trending applications.

Interactive Solutions

We provide interactive solutions of applications to our clients with attractive user interface and experience.

Save Time and Money

We provide best applications and designs to our customers within less time and cost.

Application Flow


App includes attractive splash screens.


You can recreate the password on click on forget password.


You can share your posts from Image gallery.


You Can share your video posts from the video gallery.


All users have a requirement of their personal password.


Log-in your credentials on the app.


JobSeller can login in credentials in the app.


After login in the first you see the start screen.


You can view all the menu.


You can find all the CV as per your requirements.


You can find the CV by their names.


You can view all the CV from here.


You can enter the job title in your profile.


You can view all the CV list.


You can enter the Job title list.


You can make contacts from here.


You can download the CV from here.


You can message Your queries to your contacts.


You can search people or companies.


You can find your search results from here.


You can reply to your messages.


You can shortlisted the CV from here.


For Selected CV you have to swipe Left.


You can view new searches from here.


You can swipe right to remove.


You can refresh the all search list from here.


You can see all the search availability is here.


You can create your CV here.


You can add your skills here.


You can create your profile here.


You can upload your CV.

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