Understanding the Concept of the
SmileDirectClub Clone App:

The SmileDirectClub clone software tries to mimic SmileDirectClub's successful business model by allowing users to receive expert orthodontic treatment from the comfort of their own homes. This app provides users with the tools and support they need to achieve their dream smiles by leveraging innovative technology and skilled orthodontists.

The app includes features like virtual orthodontic consultations, personalized treatment programmes, and the delivery of bespoke clear aligners. Users can visit with licensed orthodontists via virtual consultations, where their dental records, photos, and other pertinent information are analyzed to generate a personalized treatment plan.

Application UI flow

Splash Page:

When you launch the app, it displays a branded splash screen, which provides a visually appealing introduction.

Sign-up / Login:

Users are given the option of creating a new account or logging into an existing one. New users can register by entering their personal information, contact information, and pertinent dental history. Existing users can log in with their credentials.

Onboarding Tutorial:

New users are led through a quick onboarding tutorial to become acquainted with the app's features and functionalities.

Doctor Details:

Physicians should fill in the correct details about his or her specialty, experience, education and more.

Video meeting:

The option to save or download consultations can aid in the tracking of treatment progress.

Sidebar option:

Contains many sidebar options for easy-to-use experience with a simple and attractive UI / UX.

Edit profile:

Users can change information such as their name, age, city, gender, and so on.

Appointment history:

Users have access to his appointment history.

Available Balance:

The user can view his or her wallet's available balance.


From one messenger to another, a good channel of communication exists between the doctor and the patient.

Booked appointment:

Users need to have a list of appointments based on physician availability, as well as the opportunity to edit or submit them.

My availability:

Users can check their doctor's availability and alter their appointments accordingly.

Patient records:

SmileDirectClub clone applications make it easier for staff to access and maintain patient or medical data.

Clinical notice:

The SmileDirectClub clone app can provide health services in remote areas where clinics are not available.


The programme has the ability to make emergency calls. .

View appointment:

A SmileDirectClub clone app development solution can assist with follow-up consultations, reviewing doctor tp, and viewing appointments.

Our On-Demand SmileDirectClub Clone App Development Process

Apps for On-Demand Doctors

Apps for On-Demand Doctors

Allow patients to communicate with doctors via voice/video calls, receive online consultations, and receive digital prescriptions through a high-quality on-demand doctor app.

Appointment Scheduling Apps

Appointment Scheduling Apps

Allow patients to pre-book in-person consultations with their doctors at their preferred date and time. It allows them to save time and avoid long lines.

Health Monitoring Services

Health Monitoring Services

Our on-demand SmileDirectClub clone can help healthcare professionals keep track of their patients' progress and be notified if there are any setbacks. Doctors receive instant notifications if a patient's health deteriorates, allowing them to take immediate action.

What you will get with the SmileDirectClub clone app package

This SmileDirectClub clone mobile app works 24/7, allowing patients to choose a doctor and ask them over the phone or video.

Our SmileDirectClub clone app package include
  • Main
  • Doctor
    Android App
  • Doctor
    iOS App
  • Doctor
    Web Panel
  • Patient
    Android App
  • Patient
    iOS App
  • Patient
    Web Panel
  • Admin
    Web Panel
How does this work
The patient can enter the required medical information if they want to communicate online or want to be tested.
Physicians can manage their appointment time and their availability to meet patients online.
Platform admin:
The administrator can easily enter to manage patient and physician program records.
Patient Version
This is On demand Medical app.Patients can book an appointment and upload their medical reports to consult with their doctor anytime anywhere. The users can also upload their medical prescriptions and can order medicine online.
Doctor Version
The doctor can manage their appointments from the app and consult their patients based on the medical reports uploaded by them. The doctor can also prescribe them.
Make Quality Consultation and Medical Service Available to All.
An admin can log in easily to manage the app and records of patients and doctors. Admin can send notifications related to the offers, new updates and products to the users.
Additional Features and Integrations.
A SmileDirectClub Clone app lets patients consult doctors remotely. This SmileDirectClub Clone mobile app works 24/7, letting patients choose doctors and connects them by phone or video. Smart filter helps you search the doctor’s by their specialization, experience, rating, consulting fee, degrees, location, rating & reviews, etc.
What Do We Offer In Our SmileDirectClub Like App Development?
  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • User Web Panel
  • Doctor Android App
  • Doctor iOS App
  • Doctor Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel
Custom SmileDirectClub clone software solution for all

Individuals and families:

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

It helps people and families to get health care and consult with their favorite doctors.

Company employees:

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

It helps company employees to also have the benefits of medical examinations and health insurance.

Rural population:

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

It helps people from rural areas to get the health care they deserve without spending money and time traveling.

Health insurance beneficiaries:

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

It helps people to have health insurance for the rest of their lives and can have other beneficiaries.

Physically Disabled

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

In particular, you can help people who are not in the condition to visit hospitals or clinics. Especially, people who have physical disabilities can consult a doctor and get their prescribed medicine at their doorstep with a SmileDirectClub Clone app.

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

SmileDirectClub Clone Health Startups

Build an all-in-one SmileDirectClub Clone platform to let patients connect with providers virtually from an app.

What is a telehealth/medicine app and how do it solve problem?
SmileDirectClub Clone mobile mobile app that lets physicians treat their patients remotely via video-chat. A software solution that lets medical care providers send patient photos of a rash or mole to a dermatologist at another location for quick diagnosis.

The Key Benefits of SmileDirectClub Clone App

Profile Creation

Users can quickly sign up and establish their profiles, providing important information as well as their dental history.

Virtual Consultation

Users can schedule virtual consultations with licensed orthodontists who will remotely assess their dental condition.

Dental Impression Kit

The app arranges for the delivery of dental impression kits to users' homes, allowing them to precisely record their dental impressions.

Treatment Plan Presentation

Orthodontists use the gathered data to generate personalized treatment plans, which are then presented to users via the app.

Aligner Delivery and Tracking

Following the approval of the treatment plan, aligners are created and distributed directly to users. The software gives tracking information to ensure on-time delivery.

Progress Tracking

Users can take and upload progress images, allowing orthodontists to monitor and adapt their treatment as needed.

Profile validation

Doctors should sign up and have their profiles verified by the admin before beginning to provide healthcare consultation.

Profile of a Doctor

Doctors can update their profiles with their specialization experience, a brief bio, and other relevant information. Reviews of their patients can also be included for the benefit of users.

Dashboard for a doctor

In their dashboard, doctors can easily view all of their attended and upcoming appointments for the day, patients consulted, earnings, and so on.

Toggle the availability

Using this excellent feature, doctors can keep their patients informed whether they go online or offline.

Accept/reject appointment

When users book an appointment, doctors are immediately notified. Doctors can accept or decline the request based on their availability.

View medical records

Before providing consultation to their patients, doctors can review and analyze their previous medical records.

Admin panel

The admin can see and manage all of the operations taking place in the on-demand doctor app.

Manage users and doctors

The admin can manage the profiles of all users and doctors who have registered with the platform and has the authority to remove/block them if necessary.

Manage notifications

The admin can manage the custom notifications that are sent to users and doctors to keep them up to date on various updates.

Commission structure

When doctors successfully receive consultation requests via the SmileDirectClub clone app, the admin can manage the commission they will receive.

Customer service

The administrator can respond to app users' questions and assist them when they encounter problems accessing the application.

Make sub-admins.

The administrator can create sub-admin profiles and restrict their access to specific areas of the application.

Video Consultation

Patients can connect with the provider through two-way video communication.

Consultation via Video

Allow patients to consult with doctors via video conference regardless of location, time, or other factors.

Models of Subscription

Monetize the app by charging a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee for premium services such as online chatting, video consultations with doctors, and so on.

Upload your test results.

Allow laboratories to upload users' test reports so that they can easily access them by logging in to their account.

Key Benefits

Our custom SmileDirectClub app solution comes with several key advantages that make it suited for diversified client needs.


The app is a time-saving alternative to traditional orthodontic procedures. Users can straighten their teeth from the comfort of their own homes, avoiding the necessity for repeated in-person trips to a dental facility. This saves time and gives them more control over their therapy.


When compared to traditional orthodontic treatments, the SmileDirectClub Clone app is a cheaper solution for teeth straightening. Users can attain their desired smile at a fraction of the expense of traditional treatments by utilizing virtual consultations and custom clear aligners.

Personalized Treatment:

Each user is given a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific dental condition and goals. Licenced orthodontists examine their dental records, pictures, and other pertinent information to develop a personalized strategy that optimizes their teeth straightening journey. This customized strategy raises the likelihood of success.

Virtual Consultations:

The software allows users to have virtual consultations with licensed orthodontists, removing the need for in-person appointments. Users can contact orthodontists via video chat, secure texting, or other channels, allowing for efficient and effective guidance throughout their treatment procedure.

Personalized Clear Aligners

The software automates the creation and delivery of personalized clear aligners to the user's door. These aligners are intended to progressively reposition the teeth into the correct position. The ease of aligner delivery removes the need for frequent orthodontist visits for modifications, making the teeth straightening process more seamless.

Tracking Progress:

The SmileDirectClub Clone app helps customers to track their treatment progress. Visual representations, such as before-and-after photos or 3D models of their teeth, provide a vivid visualization of the transformation occurring over time. This keeps consumers engaged and informed about their progress towards getting their ideal grin.

Friendly User Interface

Omninos Solutions is committed to providing a user-friendly interface that ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience. The app's UI is designed to be simple to use, allowing users to quickly access various functions and sections.

Privacy and security

Omninos Solutions prioritizes user data protection and privacy. To protect personal and medical information, robust security methods such as data encryption and secure data storage are used. Compliance with privacy laws ensures that user data is kept private and safe.

Our Healthcare Hub
Patients are able to view the doctor’s availability and book appointments accordingly.
Patients can connect with the provider through two-way video communication
An easy-to-use voice call option for patients to get connected with providers for consultation.