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Travoney Is The New, Innovative Way Of Sending Urgent Packages And Parcels To Your Nearest And Dearest Without Incurring Huge Costs. How Does It Work, You May Ask? It’s Simple. You, The Sender, Hand Your Parcel To A Trusted And Vetted Traveler, Who So Happens To Be Travelling To The Destination Of Your Loved One; Upon Arrival, They Then Deliver It For You. And That’s All There Is To It. No Massive Charge; No Worrying About Whether It Will Arrive On Time; No Unnecessary Stress. Just You, Your Friendly, Trustworthy Sender And A Whooping Cheer To Celebrate.

And As For You Travelers – How Many Times Have You Been Travelling Light And Found Yourself With Little Baggage, But Plenty Of Extra Storage Space? You Can Earn Money Simply For Carrying Another’s Package As You Trek Across The Vast Lands Of The Earth – If It Sounds Like A Win-Win, Then It Is.

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GYM Challenges is a fantastic membership retention tool which will enable your gym users to interact and challenge each other to fitness challenges! Once you have been issued a license, your gym members can then download the multi platform mobile app for free from the leading app stores! Signing up is easy, simply click SIGN UP at the top of the page and follow the on-screen instructions.