If your child’s school is running the iClassCMS platform, be sure to download the iClass app. The iClass app is the ultimate school/parent communication tool. Check all of the latest news and events happening at your child’s school and never miss out on any important message with the notification alerts.

PollD App

PollD, is about to bring political issues to every smartphone user who has an active interest in politics. Designed to educate and allow people to share their thoughts and opinions with others, PollD is a simple yet innovative way of making politics accessible for millions of people from all walks of life.

Providing up to the minute statistics and voting data, the app is designed to educate and inform users, providing an exclusive insight into how the general public feel about high-profile political topics. Allowing them to vote on subjects that are due to be debated in parliament, or a major decision is due to be made – the app’s aim is to increase awareness about important political decisions, national debates and democracy.

Voting on each subject is open six days before the topic is due to be debated. Notifying users when 'polling opens', the interactive nature is designed to be user-friendly, providing easy access for all.

Fleet Accident Support by Auto Claims

Carillion Fleet Management is responsible for the accident management repairs and related processes for ALL Carillion vehicles without exception. This is includes Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles and all externally hired (daily rental) vehicles.

Key objectives of Carillion Fleet Management’s Accident Management Services include:
-Minimising vehicle down time
-Control of accident repair costs
-Minimising disruption to the driver
-Provision of a replacement vehicle and/ or onward travel support
-Non-fault accident repairs & cost recovery
-100% customer satisfaction

Oxynergy Paris

Oxynergy Paris, is an exclusive professional skin care brand. Our application helps to combine our products to create personalized skin care. For those seeking unique cosmetics created for each skin type and indications.

Discover a new experience of personalized cosmetics. Because each skin is unique, each treatment must be customized to respond precisely to the skin type and all concerns.

Oxynergy Paris, created the first line of interactive cosmetics on iPhone to serve you with original features:
- Calculate the ideal formula for your skin care.
- Discover the products.
- Find the nearest store to discover your personal skin care program.
- Be informed of the brand events and news.
- Contact our specialists and receive personal beauty advices.
- Take advantage of exclusive offers from the brand.